Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day at Feria Radisson Blu

I have the best dad in the world who has given me everything I ever needed and the best life I can possibly have and I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you for loving me in spite of all the wrong (and at times hurtful) things I've said and done, for all the sacrifices you've made for me and my brother, for your patience that never failed, for understanding and for always being there for us throughout all these years. I love you, dad.

To celebrate Father's day, I treated my dad to Feria at Radisson Blu for an awesome dinner buffet.  

Feria offers this half-off scrumptious buffet (theme was Chinese tonight) every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for only PHP 595.00 with complimentary coffee or tea. The regular price is at PHP 1,190 so I think it's a very good deal for all the food that you get. The service from the wait staff is quick, friendly and efficient. They are very attentive to the serving dishes when they run out, they immediately refill it. 

It's worth every penny. We left 10 pounds heavier than we came in with noticeably rounder bellies. lol. I'm just going to let you enjoy the photos as I can feel my eyelids getting heavier at the moment after eating so much.

Salad Station and I love the fact that they serve Balsamic Vinaigrette!

A selection of more salads
Pasta Station with a choice of either Penne Puttanesca or Bow Tie Pasta in White (Alfredo?) Sauce 
You can also make your own pasta with your own ingredients and preferred sauce and ask the chef to cook it for you. Feria also makes their own fresh pasta (in the bowls).

Mix-ins for the pasta

Homemade INEDIBLE colored pasta (purely for decorative purposes)

Vegetarian Pizza, Sausage Calzones & Ham Focacia Bread Station

Noodle Soup Station & Mix-ins

Dimsum Station
Steamed Spare Ribs, Chicken Feet, Siumai, Mini Buns, Hakao and other dumplings

Stuffed Ampalaya dumpling

Roasted Lechon 

Roasted Duck served with sweet Plum Sauce

Duck Wings and Feet

Chicken Shawarma Station with Mix-ins  

Hanging ducks and roasted meat

Roasted Pork 

All kinds of dipping sauce for all that roasted meat and dumplings!

Steamed Fish for the health buffs

Other Mains / Entrees: 
If you are wondering where's the rice, here it is: Yan Chow Fried Rice
Feria also serves plain rice. There was also Mapo Tofu, Sweet and Sour Fish and other dishes not in the photos.

Braised Beef in Szechuan Sauce

Lo Han Vegetables

 Crispy Chicken with Szechuan Peppers

Sushi Bar

Raw Fish = YUCK!

more sushi

Here's my dad's plate full of raw fish. Yuck.

Dessert Station
Cheesecakes, Red Velvet Cake, Fresh Fruits, Leche Flan, Buko Pandan, Mousse Cakes, 
Bread Pudding, Homemade ice cream, crepes with chocolate sauce or fruit compote


Care for drinks?

Unfortunately, I've exhausted my battery by this time so I wasn't able to take photos of the rest of desserts and of the Grill Station (with grilled pork belly and octopus, served with different kinds of salsa). Feria makes killer ice creams and tonight we had lychee and vanilla which was so good I ended up eating 5 scoops. Tsk. The bread pudding and red velvet cake filled with cheesecake was also very good. 

Feria has become my go-to buffet of choice because of its reasonable price. It's cheaper than the other hotels' offerings with a very extensive spread that's sure to fill you up. Best to make a reservation ahead of time as the restaurant gets full on the days with discount.

Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu
Serging Osmena Boulevard
corner Juan Luna Avenue, Cebu City 6000
Contact Number: (+6332) 402-9900,  (+6332) 505-1700

Daily 6:30 - 22:30