Thursday, June 20, 2013

David's Kitchen

It feels like the week stretches forever and the weekend seems so far. Thank goodness it's Friday, sooo looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning. Ahh the simple joys in life - good sleep and good food! This week has done me in. I've been feeling tired every day, too tired to stay up long enough to have a decent chat with the hubby. But it won't be long now when I can finally be with him to enjoy a three month long holiday. 

Some of my colleagues and I headed down to IT Park after work one night. David's Kitchen is the perfect spot for carnivores. The restaurant is a steakhouse so their menu focuses more on the beef but it also offers classic comfort food along with a selection of salads, fish and pasta for vegetarians. 

This time I knew better to avoid that forgettable Beef Kebab I had on my first visit. If you're really going the kebab way, you might as well head to Irie Gastropubliko across the street for much better, bigger fare. 

The not-so-good part about David's Kitchen is that service is slow and really needs improvement. It took a while for a slice of cake to arrive to the table. The waitstaff also messed up and confused our bill with another table's but other than that, we were happy with our food. 

Caesar Salad

Spaghetti Carbonara 
If A & CL order this Carbonara each time they visit this restaurant then it must be that good.

You cannot go to David's and miss out on their specialty. After all, David's is a restaurant that's been around for years (original branch is in Mabolo) known for good, solid and flavorful steaks. 

Steak Rice 
The tiniest bits of steak lend its flavors to this standout delicious rice

New York Striploin with unlimited steak rice and vegetables
Most of the plating at David's is simple, straight forward presentation. The savory steak was cooked perfectly, very tender with a nice charred criss-cross effect. Not overly seasoned or marinated so the flavor of the beef really comes through. "A" asked for medium rare so this steak is like eating pure butter with minimal chewing. 

Canadian Tenderloin with vegetables and unlimited steak rice
C thought the steak was good, though nothing terribly special. It was still a good piece of meat with a nice flavor. Since he had it well done, the meat was a bit more chewy than the New York Striploin steak above.

CL ordered the Skewered Pork Tenderloin, basted with a sweet and spicy sauce. 
She says she liked it though she found the sauce too spicy. 

Salmon with Arugula and Sweet Pepper Sauce {MUST TRY}
Though it was only a small bite, that small piece of salmon I had was divine and so moist it almost melts in your mouth. It was so special. I highly recommend this dish!

Salpicao with Steak Rice and Buttered Veggies {MUST TRY}
I have no regrets ordering the Salpicao instead of a steak. I absolutely LOVE this dish! Tender beef chunks sauteed in a smooth, very flavorful sauce with tons of garlic. No wonder it's one of their best sellers (and one of the cheaper options too). Amazing and delicious!

Their cakes are to die for and the perfect way to end the meal! If you have room for dessert, try them out!

Death by Chocolate - Absolut Cake
{Unashamedly rich and moist and filled with the most decadent chocolate ganache - you can barely even taste the vodka in it} 

Luscious Banchofe Cake 
{ moist chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and banana slices -oddly this is the cake with subtle hints of liquor } 

If you're in the neighborhood and you're looking to splurge on a good steak meal, you need to try David's Kitchen. 

G/F eBloc 2, Cebu I.T. Park
Lahug, Cebu City
Daily: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.

For reservations:
(6332) 260-1792
credit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD
parking: limited