Friday, June 14, 2013

Craving for Sweet And Salty: Salted Caramel Donut

There are just days when I crave for certain food and I get restless until I am able to satisfy my cravings. I'd hate to think what sort of things my mouth will be looking for when I do get a bun in the oven. I pity my husband. Hopefully not something you cannot find in the Netherlands in the middle of the night like shrimp paste or dried fish or green mangoes. I don't even know where these cravings come from. They come and go and change as they please.

This craving came before the burger episode. All I could think of was Salted Caramel. Salt and Caramel (or even salt and chocolate!) - a complex flavor combination that is started by the French (bless them, they are culinary genuises) and made its way to the American market to the rest of the world. It works so well they could be married like milk and coffee. I've fallen in love with how an extra pinch of salt can balance and enhance something that's sweet.

Krispy Kreme offers two new flavors for a limited time - only until June 23, 2013 and one of them is Salted Caramel. Soft, tender KK donuts filled with smooth, melt-in-your-mouth caramel creme, glazed with caramel icing, drizzled with golden caramel and sprinkled with sea salt. That's a LOT of caramel love in one donut!

If you look closely, the sea salt is tinged with black specks which made me think if KK perhaps mixed it with black pepper.  Or could it be vanilla seeds?  But salt and vanilla  don't seem to belong together. Real vanilla beans are expensive and difficult to find here in Cebu. Rustan's supermarket sometimes sells imported French vanilla beans for PHP100.00 per 2 pods.

I cannot tell if the flavor of the cream filling inside is salted caramel or just plain caramel. But I do know that without that sprinkling of salt on top, that sweetness would overpower. Initial notes of intense sweetness is quickly tempered and chased away by the salty finish of the sea salt.

I LOVE IT! I'd eat this donut everyday if it wouldn't give me a heart attack. Don't miss your chance to try this salted caramel donut before the offer expires!