Monday, June 3, 2013

Tim Tam Slam Ice Cream: Do It Like the Aussies!

Finally, a recipe after what seemed like eternity! It's long overdue. I'd been stuffing my face and eating out more often than spending time in the kitchen and I apologize for that.

Ever heard of Tim Tam?  Tim Tam is only the world's most popular Australian biscuit! Think chocolate biscuits sandwiched with a chocolate creme in the middle and DOUBLE coated with milk chocolate. These Australian "bikkies" of Arnott's are seriously oh so good.

Tim Tam and I first met in Japan when a colleague took me to a cool store selling imported goodies and introduced me to these biscuits. I had been hooked on it ever since.

Oops! Please ignore the big fat thumbprint on the biscuit.

The TIM TAM SLAM. Do it like the Aussies!
Meet Raymund, a work colleague doing the Tim Tam Slam
Step 1:  Prepare your hot beverage (coffee or tea or milk or whatever tickles your fancy) and your Tim Tam.
Step 2:  Bite one corner off the biscuit. (I know it's hard but remember to take SMALL bites!)
Step 3:  Bite the opposite corner on the other end. 
Step 4:  Use the biscuit as a straw with one end dipped in the hot drink and suck like you've never sucked before.
Step 5: As soon as the hot liquid touches your lips, slam the whole biscuit in your mouth for a warm orgasmic ooze.

I had the Tim Tam Slam in mind when I made this super rich ice cream. Thick, dense and creamy coffee flavored ice cream with enough Tim Tam chunks to last you a lifetime. 

This is a NO-CHURN recipe with only FOUR ingredients inspired by Nigella Lawson for all those who love to eat ice cream without an ice cream machine.  Yes, I know I'm sloppy when it comes to scooping ice cream. 

recipe adapted from Nigella Lawson 

500 ml whipping cream, chilled overnight 
388g sweetened condensed milk, room temperature
4 tbsp of strong instant coffee powder
12-14 Tim Tam biscuits, roughly chopped into pieces

Whip the cream into soft peaks in a bowl. In another bowl, beat the condensed milk with the coffee powder until well incorporated. Fold the condensed milk in 3 batches into the whipped cream until you get a light uniform cafe latte color. Layer the coffee cream on a dish or container alternately with the Tim Tam chunks. Freeze overnight. Serve straight from the freezer. Top with more Tim Tam chunks as you please.

Easy peasy!