Thursday, June 13, 2013

Craving for Sweet and Salty: French Salted Caramel Ice Cream

The salt-caramel craze have spread to the ice cream world. Nestle went beyond the usual standard chocolate, oreo, double dutch flavors and created a new flavor. One of its latest flavors (proudly bearing a picture of the French flag and The Eiffel Tower in the background) is French Salted Caramel -  salted caramel ice cream with ribbons of caramel rippleBut does it live up to what it promises?

Removing the lid exposes a light khaki ice cream base with a long ripple of caramel. So far so good!  I couldn't help myself. I took a teeny tiny scoop off one side just to taste it. Sweet, rich and velvety. 

Using my spoon, I scooped out a much larger portion of the top layer and found more swirls of golden caramel underneath. This time, the sweetness was way more intense but without the slightest hint of salt in each bite. I just couldn't taste it. Perhaps my taste buds are not so sensitive (?). If you've tried this, let me know what you think.

Nestle does not skimp on the caramel ribbons at all which earns extra points. I dug deeper and a large collection of thick, buttery caramel swirls emerged. The intense caramel sweetness is spot on but the salty finish I was looking for is not there. It's a great ice cream if the base was just caramel flavor but since it's supposed to be SALTED CARAMEL, without those salty notes in the back-end, it's not well balanced.

I ended up adding a pinch of sea salt to my caramel ice cream. Do you think I'm weird?

Well, it gets the job done, right?