Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tropical Paradise

Nalusuan Island and Marine Sanctuary

Ahh how wonderful to get away from your daily routine to spend a nice, peaceful day in a small island with a long powdery sand bar upfront, surrounded by crystal clear sea water and abundant marine sanctuary at the back. 

This is Nalusuan Island. My husband fell in love with this tiny island resort more than 2 years ago when he first came to the Philippines. It takes about 45 minutes to get to this small island by a motorized boat from Mactan, Cebu, Philippines. The resort itself can arrange a boat to pick you up and take you back to/from Cebu. 

Island grounds with picnic tables and benches
You can practically tour the whole island in less than 7 minutes. It is THAT small. Some days, it gets really busy here with Japanese and Korean tourists flooding in from morning until lunchtime and some other days when it is more quiet, if you are lucky like us, you share the whole island with just a handful of other in-house guests.

The island turns off electricity in the rooms during the day except in the reception area and the restaurant. Guests only have access to electricity from 6:00 pm until 7:00 am. While there are no televisions in the rooms, there is one at the restaurant that they turn on in the evening for the dining guests. All rooms are air-conditioned but have no hot shower, not that you need it in the hot weather in the Philippines. 

the rooms

Unlike Boracay that's pimped with tourists, restaurants, hotels and resorts, Nalusuan has only a number of few cottages for guests who want to spend the night. We got the overnight package for two (PHP3,000 / person x $41 / 53 euros) that includes overnight accommodation plus roundtrip boat transfers, breakfast, dinner and free use of snorkeling gear.

Upon arrival and check-in at the island, they also give complementary welcome drinks (Mango juice! Yum!) and a seashell necklace. 

On the sand bar at low tide. Just like a small boy who couldn't wait to get in the water!
This resort is perfect for couples who want to get away from the busy city and spend some time alone together. At the back of the island, there is plenty of colorful, marine life. The fishes here are so used to visitors that they are not afraid to go near you if you feed them. 

The Hubs is getting ready to feed the fishes while I wait at the top of the stairs.
I have a little secret. I.CAN'T.SWIM.
I'm 32 years old and I wear a lifevest whenever I go in waters deeper than 5 feet. 
Yup.  Humiliating, I know.

He's totally enjoying it!

This island is truly a gem.
 Just look at how clear and clean the waters are and look at those colorful clownfishes. 
Not even the waters in Boracay can compete.