Monday, June 9, 2014

IKEA for the perfect home

The hubby and I spent the afternoon wandering inside this HUGE Scandinavian warehouse for modern furniture & home accessories. I certainly wouldn't mind getting lost the whole day in IKEA. I LOVE IT! The place has THREE floors with a foodcourt at the top level and a sort of supermarket for Swedish products. IKEA is very popular in Europe and is possibly the world's largest furniture company. The showrooms are so beautifully designed you'll end up buying something before leaving the place (or the whole showroom!). 

Who wouldn't want to own cozy living room like this ? 

or a kitchen and dining room like these?  

Stylish and efficient small spaces 
You can get the whole showroom for hefty price tags ranging from 3,000 - 6,000 euros or even more.

Different styles for different tastes

Don't you just adore this lovely little bedroom in pastel colors? 

And of course no trip to IKEA would be complete without tasting a BIG serving of those juicy Swedish meatballs in thick gravy sauce! LEKKER!

Paired with crisp patat (fries)

And this amazing chocolate almond tart to finish off the late lunch.

Till next time, IKEA!