Monday, September 16, 2013

Broodjes en Rijst: A Compromise

Did you know that the Dutch people probably eat as much bread and cheese as the Filipinos eat rice? I have read somewhere that most people in the Netherlands usually have 2 cold meals and 1 hot meal a day. Perhaps NOT ALL the Dutch follow this routine but the hubby is definitely one of them. That means broodjes met kaas of pindakaas (bread with cheese or peanut butter) for breakfast and more bread, sometimes with a bowl of soup for lunch, then later in the evening, a warm meal for dinner. I was surprised to find out that the peanut butter in the Netherlands is not sweet AT ALL.

Back home, I often have a light breakfast and tend to stay away from rice in the mornings. But to completely keep it out of my diet is never going to happen. I'm sure a lot of Filipinos can relate with me on this but I NEED my rice, if not once a day then at least once every other day, alternately with pasta but that is already stretching it too far. 

Sorry but bread for dinner sounds a bit odd to me. Unless I'm craving burgers, which doesn't happen often. 

This is where the hubby and I compromise, his bread and my rice. Happy, he understands his rice-craving wife and has even learned how to cook it for me. HE can probably cook it better than I do. My rice always ends up way too mushy. Heh.

Anyway, with all the time I have now, I can google all the sandwich recipes I want for the hubby.  I keep him happy with his broodje for lunch and he keeps me happy with my rijst for dinner. 

Oh yesterday we went to the Centrum and I found this really cool cafeteria style resto called La Place that serves freshly made meals from organic ingredients and a WHOLE COUNTER full of chocolates and candies! OMG Just look at that!
 It took forever to decide what to get. Good gracious! 

So back to the broodje, before we made our little trip to the Centrum, I made this ridiculously easy but totally awesome sandwich we had for lunch yesterday.

serves 2
1 baguette (medium size), cut in half lengthwise
fresh mozzarella, sliced
pesto sauce
1 medium tomato, sliced
fresh parsley, chopped or dried parsley
butter lettuce

Slather some pesto on one side (or both sides, if you prefer) of the baguette. Top one baguette half with the tomato. Sprinkle some salt and pepper. Arrange the mozzarella on top of the tomato and sprinkle some parsley. Put the baguette with the toppings under the broiler to slightly melt the mozzarella. Arrange the butter lettuce over the melted mozzarella before putting the other baguette half on top.