Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Furry Friends at Dierenpark Zoo: Amersfoort

I have a confession. An embarrassing confession. 

I like to keep food in the fridge and then I forget about them *sometimes*. My colleagues at work tease me that I use the fridge as a time machine. They often joke that with me, food always tastes better with age. Hah! 

I might have eaten stuff beyond the expiration. Sometimes I even share them with my colleagues. I do hate to waste food.  I always follow the rule: See no funky, smell no funky, taste no funky = still good to eat. lol

Damn Gusto Urban Cafe for making me crave their Creme Brulee!
Tonight, I was craving for something warm and creamy so I tried to make a chocolate pudding. EPIC FAIL.

This is what happens when you also like to use your cupboard as a time machine. I should have just thrown away that old cocoa powder. Who knows how long it's been sitting there? Maybe even longer than a year ago? I honestly can't remember. O.O

Can I tell you a secret?  I ate some of that pudding anyway. lol.

Hopefully I will get my cooking mojo back when I visit my husband. Else we will be eating funny tasting chocolate pudding week after week. Or scrambled eggs. Thank God for herbed scrambled eggs. It's about the only thing that's hard to mess up these days.

And you know what else I've been up to besides:
1. Eating food way past its time  (Did you know that honey is one of the very few NON-perishible foods in the world?)
2. Stuffing my face with yummy Thai food 
3. Visiting My Dolce Vita's blog and drooling over her pork chop with pesto butter!!!
4. Checking out fellow foodies' adventures and pig out sessions, Fred and Mustachio

I've also been busy with these photos to share with you guys. 

Because my hubby and I love animals. 

Why, it's Donkey from Shrek! Isn't he adorable?!

And he brought his other furry friend along.

A curious sheep 

Even Moo tried to make an appearance

This dino almost looks like it's going to eat my dad.

Choo choo... incoming train! The kiddies dig this.

The Dutch love their dogs.
 Dogs are as much a part of their family as the other members.