Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mission Accomplished at Army Navy

I'm not a burger person. If I have a spread of buffet in front of me, the last thing I get would probably be a burger. But the past couple of weeks I'd been on this crazy craving mood for anything sweet and salty. (And no, I'm not pregnant.) It all started with KK's Salted Caramel Donuts which turned to craving for peanut butter ice cream which turned to burgers and fries. Why do all the bad things taste so good? I even tried Jollibee's amazing Aloha burger after seeing it on several blogs. It was incredibly disappointing. I could have spent half the price for a regular yum and bought my own can of sliced pineapples.

I had heard good things about this restaurant from a colleague. So one Saturday morning, I found myself inside Army Navy  for brunch with nothing but a good burger in mind, feeling a little apprehensive after that Jollibee experience but also little hopeful that their burgers would turn out better. Army Navy is operated by the same company who brought us Yellow Cab, specializing in burgers and burritos with a military theme.

The fearless will no doubt go for this whooping triple quarter-pound beef patties burger, fittingly called the "BULLY". Too bad there's not enough space in my stomach for that much meat so I settled for something a bit more 'humble' - their classic with a single patty.

Starving and ready to pounce on my classic burger with fries and a cold drink

Let's have a look inside that foil wrap. The burger is served with their own kaiser buns dotted with black and cream sesame seeds - a little something extra that makes it special. Lovely!

This regular LiberTEA drink is huge, more like a large drink at fast food restaurants. 

Burger, fries and iced tea - here I am finally giving in to my cravings. Happy as a fat hippo.

Freedom Fries - thin cut potatoes that's lightly crisp outside and tender inside, coated in a spicy batter very similar in taste to KFC fries. These are good.

Classic burger - single quarter pound patty in kaiser buns served with crisp lettuce, a big slice of tomato, onion rings with extra toppings of pickled jalapeno. This classic burger packs in a lot with a good, filling size.

The buns are tender and fresh with some substance. The ratio of buns to patty is just perfect for me. Each bite has plenty of bun, veggie and meat. I know it says on the menu but the "toasted" part of the buns was all lost in me though the buns were thankfully not soggy. The mayo-ketchup spread on the buns was thin, unlike the first time.

Why this burger is so much better? No soggy sad-looking squashed buns, limp lettuce, wet if non-existent tomatoes and chewy patties in sight!

The beef patty is well cooked, juicy and full of flavor. Specks of black pepper is visible on the patty. The vegetables are fresh and crisp. Plus, it isn't overpacked that you have a hard time eating it without the burger exploding!  That might not be the case with the towering Bully Burger though.

This burger would score an A grade with me if the onions were grilled to caramelised perfection instead of serving it raw. Ketchup is a classic with burgers but a tangy relish or a homemade sauce can make a difference. Overall, I was very happy with this meal and I will definitely keep going back until my cravings are satisfied.

You get FREE regular liberTEA every Tuesdays, so long as you order a taco! That will save you PHP 65.00.