Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Anzani : The New Mediterranean Cuisine

High-end restaurants with luxurious interiors like Anzani intimidate me. I've always thought I'd be too uncomfortable to eat to enjoy my food. I expect the crowd and the waiting staff to be snotty. 

But I was wrong about that. Anzani sets a very high standard for quality and service. It's definitely more than what I normally spend for and far above than what I'm used to but Anzani gave the best service I've experienced ever in any restaurant. You get nothing less than flawless customer service and amazing fine-dining quality food for the price that you pay for. This restaurant would score an A in my card. 

It was a bit unnerving. For the very first time, I've experienced the wait staff carefully unfolding and laying the table napkin across my lap and crumbing the table in between courses. I felt like a queen. 

Chef Marco Anzani owns and operates Anzani Mediterranean Restaurant. With a culinary career that spans for 25 years in 18 countries, he has worked with other celebrated 3-star Michelin chefs such as Alain Ducasse, Roger Verge and Paul Bocuse. He takes an innovative approach to Mediterranean cuisine using fresh, high quality local and imported ingredients.

Three kinds of complimentary freshly baked bread served by the beautiful Ms. M (L-R: Olive, Moroccan & Tomato). One for each customer.
My male colleagues, A & C,  had already thought it was definitely a good start to the evening. I, on the other hand thought, the bread was perfect. The little clay pots they used for serving it was a nice creative touch.

Moroccan bread

Tomato bread  
soft and with just a hint of tomato flavor 
(Luckily, there were no bits of tomato in the bread)

A selection of dipping sauce to go with the bread(L-R) : balsamic vinegar, tomato salsa / relish, olive oil with herbs

Orange Seltzer drink for the big B
One glass each of white wine and red wine were served with the three-course meal.  

For starters, Tomato and fresh bufala mozzarella salad drizzled with olive oil pesto sitting on a what seems to be a round piece of phyllo dough with side greens. This salad may be small but it packs a lot of flavor. 

Entree: King prawns with olives flambeed with cognac, served with wild pilaf rice and tomato tarragon salsa

And for dessert, Sicilian Cassata cake filled with ice cream, candied fruits and biscuit, drizzled with Maraschino with a candied lemon on top

Mango shake for colleague A

A ordered the Grilled Pork Chop that came with vegetable ratatouille and rice. We were just as surprised as A at how big the serving size was when the dish arrived to the table. He was expecting something small and dainty.

Thick-cut meat that's tender and flavorful.

I knew I had to get it the moment my eyes landed on it on the menu.  - Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Beef Wagyu in red wine sauce. Good gracious, the beef was tender and every bite of those pillowy, tender morsels was heaven! I had tried making gnocchi before and mine was definitely chewier so it helps to know the perfect texture the next time I make it. The serving size is small (and yes I wished I had a lot more than this because I was famished that night) but it was absolutely delicious! I savored every single bite! I recommend this dish to pasta lovers.

Colleague C, being a huge fan of seafood, ordered the Whole Squid, served with Mixed Garden  Salad with Italian Vinegraitte, rice and Lemon Beurre Blanc sauce. He didn't get only one but THREE big filling pieces!

The tender squids were served with a light cream sauce. I thought it was good - nothing with a WOW factor for me but then again I'm not a big fan of grilled squid. C was very happy and satisfied with his dish though.

Now this is one platter I wish I could have ALL to myself but since I was dining with my colleagues and the big boss (aka company president & owner), I had to restrain myself and behave like a lady. 

Tropical Panna Cotta Defile 
Anzani makes the softest, most delicious panna cotta I've ever had that just melts in your mouth -served with four kinds of fruit compote - Raspberry, Pineapple, Blueberry and Mango

Colleague A had a scoop of Mango Gelato with an almond Tuile

Here's the spectacular view outside if you want to get some fresh air while you dine. The atmosphere feels intimate and romantic.

You can reserve this room if your group would like some privacy. I love how it looks so dramatic with dark undertones.

Just how cool is this chandelier made up of spoons and forks?!

Bellini wine bar

Going to this restaurant would no doubt burn a huge hole in your wallet, that's true, but you also get what you pay for. Anzani stresses on the importance of the freshest ingredients of the highest quality and excellent service. It's the place to go to for a special occasion. Take someone very important to you to this restaurant for an unforgettable dining experience. You can never go wrong with Anzani.

Panorama Heights, Nivel Hills, Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines
Daily: 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM (lunch)   and 5:30 PM - 12:30 AM (dinner)

For reservations:  
(+63 32) 2327375 
(+ 63 32) 2360097
Email: m_anzani@yahoo.com
Parking: limited space