Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Giddy-Up at Rodeo Grill

If you're feeling like a cowboy and you want to giddy-up or simply enjoy cowboy-approved ranch-style dishes, then Rodeo Grill is the place to be. Yeeeehaw!

Rodeo Grill is located at Archibishop Reyes, Avenue, Cebu City.  Look for the gate entrance with a red signage outside right next to Hotel Elizabeth.

I found out about this restaurant from another awesome blogger, iambidextrous. I am so lost in my own little world that I had no idea I pass by outside this place every single day to work so I'd been curious about it but never really had the chance to visit until today. 

Unfortunately, it was also the same day my mother picked to be in a bad mood. She got extremely irritated when the staff asked her to move the car twice as she was trying to find a good spot to park. It took some effort to convince her to stay otherwise she would have left me to eat by myself at Rodeo Grill.

Let's have a look at the menu, shall we?
As you can see, the prices are very affordable. And they said the magic words - "unlimited rice".  I got the Texas Sizzling Chicken with side veggies. It took about 20-25 minutes to arrive. Service was not too quick but the staff was helpful and friendly.

This chicken breast was trying to show off and flex it's muscles.  See that? Freaky huh.

So how does the serving size measure up to the price?

Would the Malboro Man approve of this meal? YES.
The serving portion was big and generous.  So far so good...

And the taste?  
The chicken was a tad bit dry but I loved the flavor of the meat and the gravy. I'd have loved it even more if they added more minced garlic on top. (Who cares about garlic breath?!) The gravy was just thick enough. You can never go wrong with chicken and gravy together.

Nom nom nom! More garlic please!

Mom didn't feel like eating meat, not even fish so I ordered the Lasso Noodles for her and the Cactus Kangkong to share. ( She was still grumbling and insisting on leaving and going to Ayala... )

Kangkong (water spinach) was stir fried with tomatoes and topped with minced garlic chips.  My mom hardly touched it because it was swimming in "oyster sauce" and she said it wasn't healthy.  Personally, I liked the food at Rodeo Grill but she'll probably argue with that. I think ever since after she parked the car, she's decided to hold a vendetta against this restaurant. hehe.

They might have added a bit too much salt to the Lasso Noodles (aka Pancit). Other than that, the noodles were tasty. It's really just egg noodles stir fried with vegetables and sliced chinese sausage.  It was good but not as good as the one at Cafe Laguna.

Other cowboy-approved dishes on the menu

All in all, I enjoyed my meal and I'd definitely come back. Sans the mom. Maybe try that best selling Sgt. Peppers Sizzler Pork Steak too.

Seems like Malboro Man was also happy with his meal