Saturday, May 18, 2013

Desserts for Breakfast: CMYK Dessert House

Chocolate Makes You Kiss...(depends on who you get it from, if you ask me). But CMYK also means "Cyan Magenta Yellow Key (Black)" - the very colors used for color printing and as you can see, the same hues on the cafe. One of the owners, Lea, is not only a fellow blogger but has also knack for photography and is very talented at it too. 

Today, I decided I'm having desserts for breakfast at CMYK Dessert House.

There's plenty of looove going on here. I stumbled upon this cafe in one of the blogs online. But it was really the cleverly created desserts that brought me here though, particularly that flaming brownie topped with meringue. 

Unfortunately, they didn't have it that day.

So I ordered the next best thing to that, Sizzling CMYK Brownie With Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream on a hot plate. Hot AND cold at the same time.

Sounds exciting huh?  Just listen to that chocolate sauce making that delicious sizzling sound as it steams up. Oooh la la.

Let me show you just how TINY this piece of brownie is. I couldn't quite believe the size when it was served in front of me. I guess I was hoping it would be somehow bigger. It was almost the same length as the head of this teaspoon (it's not even a tablespoon). It's THAT small and at PHP100.00 per serving, it's pretty pricey. 

The idea of this dessert sounds fun and unique but it was sort of a let down to be honest. The brownie was a little dry. I was only glad there was that small scoop of vanilla ice cream with the chocolate sauce to save it.

Moving on to the eggs.... These eggs got me all excited too. I've seen CAKES AND BROWNIES baked INSIDE eggshells before. Seriously. Isn't that the coolest thing ever?! 

CMYK's eggs however, don't have brownies hiding inside these shells. The ironic thing is that you won't find any eggs inside them nor in any of the ingredients. These eggshells were carefully filled with EGG-LESS (perhaps gelatin-based) custard that is chilled until set, then topped with caramelized brown sugar like a creme brulee. 

CMYK's eggs for PHP 55.00 per piece.

A sort of a creme brulee inside an eggshell. (See the caramelized brown sugar at the bottom?) I LOVE this idea! It's so fun and creative. 

Unfortunately, this dessert failed to deliver on the taste and texture. It was "gummy" instead of the soft, melt-in-your-mouth custard I was hoping. I would have liked it better if they had filled it with a real egg-based custard instead of an eggless custard that tasted like a firm jelly.  If you are allergic to eggs, then this is for you.

I like this small cafe. CMYK Dessert House has a lot of potential with plenty of interesting desserts to offer on the menu.

Plus they also serve hot meals. I can't say for the other stuff that I haven't tried but the Sizzling brownie plate and custard eggshells can still be improved.

CMYK Dessert House is located at Archibishop Reyes Avenue, Waterfront Drive, Lahug, Cebu City. Look for Mikura Mart right across the school next to the Bureau of Internal Revenue building just below the flyover. Follow that small alley next to Mikura. The cafe is just a few meters from the main road.